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Rules and сriteria

Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship Open Selection - a competition to identify the best candidates for an invitation to study special terms. The contest is held in two stages.

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Conditions of victory:
  • Selection participants, who gain the highest amount of points in Stage 1 and whose teams are most active in Stage 2, will win.
  • The results of the second stage have more influence on the final rating than the results of the first stage. Up to 5 top Russian participants will be entitled to study for free.
  • 50% of the top foreign participants will receive a 10% discount on program fees.
  • If two applicants have the same points result in the final rating, the one with higher Moodle test score in Stage 1 will be ranked higher.
  • Russian and foreign participants do not compete against each other in the rating.
What do you need to do to get points in the first stage?
1. Fill in your Leader-ID profile: specify your education, place of work, interests, projects, link to social networks and contacts, upload a photo. The maximum number of points is 5.
2. Fill in the questionnaire: answer the questions and confirm the phone number. The maximum number of points is 5.
3. Solve a business case. Moderators will check if your case solution satisfies the following criteria:
  • the answer is in English
  • the text is logical and coherent
  • there are minimal mistakes and no inappropriate content
4. When you solve the case, you will have access to evaluation of other participants' cases and will be able to get points from experts (see points 5 and 6).
5. Evaluate cases of other participants. You can get a maximum of 15 points for evaluating all cases. If you only manage to assess some of them, the amount of points you receive will be calculated proportionally.
6. Get points from experts - technology entrepreneurs and investors. You will get 1 point for every positive Expert Advisor evaluation and 0 points for every negative evaluation. The maximum number of points is 15. The data is automatically updated within 24 hours.
7. You will be tested in Moodle system. If you pass the test, you will get 20 points. The data is automatically updated within 24 hours. Please note, that this is a mandatory activity in the first stage.
8. Attach information on individual achievements. Selection moderators will assign points within 24 hours after you upload relevant confirmation (links, documents, photos) of the following achievements:
6 points: Higher Education Diploma with high distinction
5 points: Diploma for winning international competitions, including sports
5 points: A launched startup, including unsuccessful ones
4 points: Publications included in Scopus and Web of Science international citation databases
2 points: Online courses certificates
2 points: Certificate of Vocational Training
2 points: Result certificates of internationally recognized tests and exams
2 points: Completion of recommended online courses
2 points: Other achievements or social activity of the participant. Moderators reserve the right to assign or not assign points for other achievements.
The maximum number of points is 40
What do you need to do to receive points in the second stage?
1. The second stage is working in teams. Participants are divided into teams based on the number of points scored in the first stage. The higher your rating is, the more chances you have to get on an active team.
2. If you apply with friends and want to be on the same team with them, email us at All participants must confirm their wish to be on the same team.
3. The second stage is conducted via Telegram chat. The team receives bot-generated tasks to solve in real time. The team receives 10 points for each completed task.
How will the points be calculated?
The rating is calculated using the following formula R = 0.1 × I + 0.9 × T
  • Where I is the number of points gained at the first stage
  • and T is the number of points gained at the second stage
2. Within 24 hours after publication of the rating, participants may apply for a review of the rating. According to the results of the appeal, the rating may be updated.
3. A place in the final ranking is the only chance to benefit from the program privileges.
Organizational information
  • Within 24 hours after you register on the selection website, you will receive an email with a list of documents to be submitted to the admissions office. A list of documents and submission process will be described in detail in the email.
  • After selection results have been summarized, you will receive an email with the results of the competition and benefits earned.
  • All information about the selection is published on the contest website in the personal account of the participant.
  • Only the students holding Bachelor or Specialist Degree that have not studied Master`s on subsidized bases, can count on studying the program with no tuition fees.
  • In case the winners chose not to use their privileges, applicants following them in the final rating will fill subsidized places on the program.
  • For all enquiries regarding selection, enrollment, education process etc., you can contact You will receive reply within 24 hours .